Zi Foundation helps helpless people by providing them with resources and support.

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The Zi Foundation is a family-run foundation, set up a few years ago, that offers support to vulnerable people.
Away from Covid, the Zi Foundation is committed to offering a wide range of support to people. They have a 25 strong team of volunteers who are willing to offer both their time and personal expertise.
“The excellent Zi Foundation organised this small community event with local leaders to reaffirm their commitment to looking after our most vulnerable. I want to play my role as the city MP to coordinate efforts and show Peterborough is a caring city.”

The objects of the CIO are


For the public benefit:

The prevention or relief of poverty and financial hardship in disadvantaged communities in particular but not exclusively in Bangladesh, Bulgaria and Peterborough UK by:

1.  Providing or assisting in the provision of education to low-income students including learning centres, training, healthcare projects and all the necessary support and training designed to young adults to generate a sustainable income and be self- sufficient.

2. Emergency food, essential toiletries, and household items, shelter to individuals and families in need and/or for distribution by charities or other organisations working to prevent or relieve poverty.


Our Recent Events

Peterborough Heroes Event in Parlament House

Meeting at Bulgarian Embassy in London

Zi Foundation Peterborough Appeal

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